DSC 80 – The Practice and Application of Data Science

👨‍🏫️ Office Hours

We will be offering a variety of ways to connect with course staff this quarter. Check the title of the calendar event to see whether the office hour is in-person-only, remote-only, or hybrid. Instructions for using the autograder queue are below the calendar.

Using the Autograder Queue

Some tutors are using the autograder queue to manage requests for help. Please read the instructions below for how to submit a ticket on Autograder.

First, log into your Autograder (http://autograder.ucsd.edu) for DSC 80, and click the Create New Ticket button. Make a brief Title for your ticket indicating the problem you need help with. Room and Workstation are required to fill out for submitting a ticket, so just randomly select a location. Fill out the Description (important!): Please create your own zoom meeting, then click Participants, Invite, and then Copy Invite Link. Then paste the link in the Description. Click the Submit Your Ticket button and you should see your ticket appear in the queue.

You are done! Help is on the way.